Architectural Competition Lvovo, Vilnius

Our proposal aims to set a new stan- dard for sustainable high-rise mixed- use developments, offering a vibrant mix of publicly accessible uses on the lower levels around attractive public spaces, and high-quality office and residential space for a range of ten- ants on the levels above, designed to maximise access to light and views. The scheme’s ambitions extended well beyond the immediate site boundaries, aiming to bridge between two urban development centres and creating a new pedestrian-focused heart for the Šnipiškės neighbourhood. Despite its size and eye-catching high- rise buildings, the project’s focus is very much about the human scale, the interaction between people and buildings, and the activation of the public realm within and around the physical site.

Competition entry by ©renature design: Alexandru Dan, Kamal Zaki and Dani Al-Khayat for Chapman Taylor Düsseldorf ©2021