Hi there! I’m Alexandru, architect at Ingenhoven Architects in Düsseldorf, Germany.

To me, transdisciplinary design means working on projects that connect architecture with graphic design, media design and videography. Starting with this fall, I have the pleasure to share my experience as a guest lecturer at the Institute of Buildings and Energy, Graz University of Technology.

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Kristina and Helmut offer expertise in the filed of illustration, photography and creative brainstorming.



Kristina is a storyteller – she tells stories with the help of crayons, brushes, photoshop, camera, or sometimes merely with her facial expressions. She focuses on the essence of the character, around which she develops stories inspired by her childhood and lifetime adventures. A warm wind blew her to Austria, Graz, where she now awakens her new ideas and brings them in form.

works: www.krispi.at



Glas unterschiedlicher Form und Beschaffenheit ist die Grundlage meiner Fotos. Bei der Gestaltung dieser, taste ich die Oberfläche des Glases optisch ab, und dringe mehr oder weniger in dieses ein. Eine Welt, in welcher der Übergang zwischen real und surreal fließend ist, offenbart sich dabei.

works: www.helmutfelgitsch.at